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How to Clone a Master Branch – GitHub for Windows

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First you will need to install GitHub for Windows by using the following URL ->

After installing, in the event the application does not launch properly (or at all) when clicking on Clone in Desktop button, use Option Two below:

Option One

Go to the website and click “Clone in Desktop” as shown below.

clone in desktop

You should see the following window:

Follow the prompts to clone the main repository in a local folder.

Option Two

If Clone in Desktop fails to launch the application, you can do the following. Drag the “GitHub, Inc. (US)” padlock icon from upper left hand corner of your browser into the application in Windows.

Github for Windows

Follow the prompts in the application to clone your respository.

Option Three

In the application, click on the plus sign icon in the upper left hand corner, and select Clone.

Clone in Github